Our family business is now in the third generation of builders and we cherish our heritage and traditions. We honour craftsmanship and traditional carpentry skills. As a reliable Finnish company, we meet our obligations, pay our taxes and take part in the Reliable Partner programme, where you can find up-to-date company information.

The key to the excellent customer experience that we offer is our professional, flexible and friendly personnel. We employ approximately 10 professionals. A good working atmosphere, development opportunities and occupational safety are important to us. Interested? Apply for a job!

In subcontracting, we use reliable long-term partners. We are constantly developing our operations and we seek annual growth that exceeds 20 per cent. The foundation of our growth is satisfied customers, a genuine love of building and our desire to help our customers make their dream homes come true. Contact us!


You can choose between a comprehensive turnkey service or a smaller project — whichever suits your needs best. Join our long list of satisfied customers—our excellent customer service has been our calling card for decades!

The construction-related duty of disclosure also applies to consumer customers with regard to work that is subject to a building permit. For more information, see the Tax Administration’s website. At Ekastra Oy, we have thorough knowledge of these matters, so you also get good advice thrown into the bargain.

Your renovation may entitle you to a tax credit for domestic expenses. In 2021, the maximum amount is EUR 2,250 per person (a total of EUR 4,500 for a couple). For more information, see the Tax Administration’s website.

A Passion for Building

Ekastra specialists Antti ja Jari

How we work

You discuss and agree on tasks directly with our professionals. We visit the worksite to learn more about your goals and wishes. Then, we suggest the recommended working method and related solutions, which you approve. At the same time, we prepare a schedule and cost estimate. We can also help you to find an optimal planner: high-quality planning supports the project’s budgeting and the construction itself. All agreements are made in writing. We have all the necessary permits, insurance policies and waterproofing certificates. We also ensure that the worksite and its environment are clean and tidy and that waste is sorted appropriately.


A Passion for Building

Contact information

Pauliina Kolehmainen
Pauliina Kolehmainen

Managing Director

010-508 2430
Tax number: 100014239189

Jari Heino
Jari Heino

B.Eng (Construction)

010-508 2431
Tax number: 100013929221

Antti Kolehmainen
Antti Kolehmainen

Housing construction professional

010-508 2432
Tax number: 100010348993

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