New construction and extensions

Contact us and get your construction project going! When you choose Ekastra for your project, you get one partner responsible for all work and subcontracting. With us, you’ll also get tips on planning, HVACE and even carpenter’s services or interior design. If you need assistance in choosing and comparing prefabricated homes, we even do that. If you can’t find a suitable option among the existing collection of prefabricated homes, we believe that building your house on site can be cost-efficient and easy and provide impressive personalised results. Our comprehensive expertise and experience cover it all: we can carry out all kinds of jobs related to one-family houses and extensions, from earthworks and foundations to a fully finished and cleaned house that is ready to move into.

In addition to new buildings, we specialise in the extension and alteration of older buildings, such as traditional Finnish post-war houses. In older houses, we believe it is important to understand the use of correct structures and materials so that repairs do not later lead to problems with humidity or ventilation, for instance. These projects also require special expertise in combining old and new structures and a flexible attitude during the project. Good cooperation between the planner, the customer and the contractor is key to a successful project.

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